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For Roller Bearings Multinoc Grease 1 /2 Lubricating greases for high-speed antifriction bearings, especially for sealed bearings
Delux 1 / 2 Long-life lubricating greases for high-speed antifriction bearings
SDX For high-speed bearings exposed to both low and high temperatures
Wide 2
Urea Diurea grease that has long-life at high temperature and when used for high-speed bearings
Eco 2 For general purpose
ENS Grease - Urea type synthetic based high temperature. Long-life greases for high-speed roller bearings
Li-Tyoe Extreme Pressusre Ultipurpoase Greases Enpnoc Grease AP 0 / 1 / 2 Extreme pressure multipurpose greases
Multipurpose Greases For Low Temperature Enpnoc Grease LT 1 / 2 For low temperature use (minimum:40 deg. C)
203 K 2 For low temperature use (minimum:70 deg. C)
Urea Type Water Resistant Greases Pyronoc Grease WS 0 / 1 / 2 Urea greases with excellent shear stability even when containing water
Urea Type High Temperature Greases Pyronoc Grease 0 / 1 / 2 High temperature. Long life. Water resistant Greases
CC 0 / 1 Ashless high temperature greases
Universal 0 / 2 Multipurpose urea greases
WH-1 Greases for wire harness
Bentone Type High Temperature Greases Thermanoc Grease 2 High temperature greases
Urea Greases for Wired Motors Pyronoc Grease 00 / 000 Urea greases for wired motors
High Load Carrying Capacity Greases Containing Molybdenum Disulfide Molynoc Grease AP 0 / 1 / 2 High load carrying capacity greases containing molybdenum Disulfide
Concrete Pump Greases CP Grease 000 / 00 Concrete Pump greases
L 000 / L 00
For Gear Coupling and Open Gear Gear Coupling Grease - Greases for gear couplings and open gear
Biodegradability Grease Bionoc Jinen - Greases with outstanding biodegradability
For Shield Excavators Sealnoc MP Water sealing greases for shield excavators
SP (N)
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