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Water-insoluble Cutting Fluids Unicut Jinen MQL -
F32 -
MF24W -
Unicut Terami FS 5 Chlorine-free antimist cutting oil (oil type)
FM 10
DS 5 / 15 / 30 Chlorine-free antimist cutting oil (inactive sulfur type)
DM 15 / 35
DH 5 / 15 / 30
DX 30
DY 30
AS 5 Chlorine-free antimist cutting oil (active sulfur type)
AM 15 / 30
AH 10/15/20/30
AX 20 / 30
AY 30
GC 32 Chlorine-free antimist cutting oil (also usable as hydraulic fluid and gear cutting oil)
GF Chlorine-free antimist grinding oil
Water-soluble Cutting Fluids Unisoluble EM-L Long-life emulsifying cutting oils
EM General purpose emulsifying cutting oils
EM-H Emulsifying cutting oils for heavy duty process
S-U Biostatic soluble cutting oil and grinding oils
SG / SH Soluble cutting and grinding oils
SF Soluble cutting oil for nonferrous metal
BIO C-U Biostatic solution type cutting & grinding oils
CE / CC Soluble cutting oil for nonferrous metal
Heat Treatment Oils Uniquench CR 25 Ordinary quenching oils
CQ 10 W
CQ 20 / 20 S Cold quenching oils
CQ 30 W
Rust Preventive Oils Antirust P-1000 High grade rust preventive oils
P-1300 Solvent diluted long term rust preventive oils
P-1400 Solvent diluted temporary rust preventive oils
P-1600 Rinsing & solvent diluting temporary rust preventive oils
P-2000 Solvent diluting petrolatum-free long term rust preventive oils
P-2400 Lubricating oil type long term rust preventive oil
Electric Discharge Machining Oils Metal Work ED High grade electric discharge machining oil
AF High grade low aromatic EDM oil
S High grade synthetic EDM oil
HS High speed synthetic EDM oil
Press Oils Unipress Terami DP15/22/32 Deep drawing & punching oils for metals
DP68/150/220 Environmentally friendly pressing oils
Unipress PA-L Quick drying punching oils
PA-1 Quick drying punching oils for punching and shallow drawing of thin sheet
Rolling Oils Uniroll NAR 2/3/4/5 Low aromatic rolling oils for aluminium
CR 4/7/7B/7D Cold rolling oils for S/S, copper & copper alloys
CR 10/10C/10D(K) High performance cold rolling oils
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